The Struggler

Sweet child of mine, the storm rages on, the innocent are drowning proving swimming lessons are just a mere illusion,their boats can’t last too long for my storm may be delayed but never avoided. Doesn’t this make life all the more sweeter and exciting? Isn’t it an exotic  spice,that makes this life worth living as … More The Struggler


Here I sit in an all too familiar mirror which reflects our society.I unmask the very social dynamics of life layer by layer.With time my skills go beyond the norm of ones five senses.So now i awaken and decipher the daily observations we tend to take for granted Even as they all interact I seem … More WHISPERS OF SILENCE


A strange primal urge rushes into my being every time I see a forest from afar. Being drawn to the rush green dense vegetation ,i imagine myself being one with the juggle like a post modern tarzan wanting all the more to explore and be part of mother natures ecosystem.To smell her wet morning dew … More MY PLACE OF SOLACE